Anybody here used in the app the light sensor with Develco motion mini sensor?

I have installed Athom Homey V5.0 version and updated the Decelco app aswell. The light sensor feature has then been unlocked on the motion sensor mini from Develco products. What I am struggling with now is creating a flow with light sensor. What I want is a flow that closes my curtains when the light is very bright and vice versa when it’s dark it shall open my curtains. When I add the motion sensor under “when” under the creation of the flow I can choose motion sensor then “lux changed” and a blue tag appear. I cannot change the tag or acces it. Anybody here that have experience or solution ?

Yes, you should choose “lux changed” and confirm it, then in the AND column you can use a Logic Card for comparing the tag-value with a wanted value.

For open and close, you need two flows.

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I studied it later and found the same solution aswell. But anyway thank you! Good I came to the same conclusion :blush:

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