Develco Motion Sensor mini

Hi I have bought a Develco Motion Sensor mini, and it have light sensor, motion sensor etc. but when I wanted to make a flow i cannot use the light sensor feature. Is there a update missing or something else I am missing?

In the Homey v5 version, the light sensor capability is enabled.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to release an update to the App Store for Homey v4 (while having a Homey v5 version in the same App Store)

I dont quite understand what you mean. I have version 4.2.0. What shall I do?

On v4… it wont work, and not possible to update the develco app.

On v5 (experimentel) you can update the develco app, and then it should work.

So go to v5 experimentel (make sure you want that)

Or wait til v5 stable is released.

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Sorry for not being clear enough.
Roy’s comment is correct.

In the v4 release of the DP app, the light sensor capability, showing the value in the UI and adding the flow cards, was not added / missed.

This has been recognized, but only after the release of a Homey v5 capable version to the App Store. Due to a limitation within Homey’s App Store, it is not possible to release an update of the DP app for Homey v4.

I would briefly wait until Homey v5 will be released to stable / all users. Based on the first results of the latest Homey update, I don’t expect it to take long before the update will be released to Stable

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Okey thanks for your answers. I cannot find the “beta” Homey v5 in my appstore. So I have to wait for full version of the V5 then.

You have to turn on exeprimental update in under settings to be able to update to Beta FW. Be sure to read and understand possible risks related to it.

Okey thank you for the information. I think I will skip this and wait until the final release of V5. My experience so far with Homey is not very good. Its very unstable I don’t need additional problems with Homey.

If your problems are related to Zigbee on v4.2, I fully recognized the instability issues.
Do note that Homey v5 has a huge improvement on Zigbee implementation and stability and is nearing completion (to be released to all users soon).