Please help a new user of Homey

Hi all,
i know there are several threads on this but I never make it work.
I would like to have a Philio Slim Multi-sensor (PST02-A 4:1) associate with a FIBARO Dimmer 2.
How does this work ? Where do I add / amend the node IDs in the settings ?
Can somebody help me here ?

First you need to install the apps for the devices.
For Philio:

And for Fibaro:

Than you need to add (and connect) the devices on the devices page ( the + sign)

After that the devices become available in the flow settings. In a flow you can do things like:
“Philio Slim Multi-sensor” detected motion

Set Fibaro dimmer on 80%

Or something similar (I don’t have these devices so I don’t know what options exactly become available.)

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Thanks for your replay
I already do this, I new user on Homey, not in home automation

My problem is how to associate Philio Slim Multi-sensor (PST02-A 4:1) with a FIBARO Dimmer 2, to work quickly
Now with Flow from Homey, my Philio sensor detect movement after 2 or 3 second…I don`t know way, and Homey is mount at 5 meter distance from Philio sensor


So it does work already. It might be a slow sensor that only checks every 2-3 seconds because it’s on battery power and needs to conserve energy. Did you use this sensor in a other domotica solution, and did it work real time then?

You might also check the device settings (open the device, hit the cogwheel and then advanced settings). there might be some response time settings.

We are not talking about the Philips Hue App, were you have to consider a pulling interval!
It should be no big delays between motion was registered from device to send the signal to homey, just ms.

The Assoziation you have to set for the Philio (Device settings) put the Node-Id from the Dimmer in the group 2.

Here you can see my setting (Assoziation between a Fibaro MS and Fibaro double Switch (S1)
94 is the Node-Id from my Double Switch.

Important: short before you save the setting you have to wake up the Philio manually.