Any one uses honeywall smoke detectors?

I Successfully add it to homey and i see it
But somtines it is look like it’s been over 3 hours from last “check” the air density

Can i control somehow on once in how much time it,s check the air?

Last time 12 min ago… If i had fire during this 12 minutes ? :confused:

It most likely will only report on (big) changes of value or max interval, to preserve battery life as sending data is the most battery consuming.

I think i need to test it
Any idea how to make a fire without burning down my house? :joy:

It is only smoke and not heat sensor… Right?

It calls itself a smoke sensor, and not a fire sensor, so yes, it most likely will only sense smoke.
To test, well if you are a smoker, or have a friendly neighbour that does, just blow smoke into it.

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Ahhh it’s good idea !

I will test it soon

I have it in the kitchen, and it works I found out when cooking a few weeks ago :rofl:. Will buy another one soon for upstairs.

For my own piece of mind I will keep one or two “dumb” smoke detectors as well for now, but it seems to be working just fine.

Just try it out and it works perfectly.