Alternatives for temperature measuring in second house


I am looking for an option on how to use Homey Pro (2016) in the main house, and get temperature data into homey in the second house that is approx. 70 m away.
I have found Aeotec zigbee range extender, but it might be too far during summer when the trees are full of leafs.
Is there any other option where I can use the ethernet or Wifi (same SSID in both houses) with a hub and connect to Homey? I know IKEA and Hue Hubs can be added, but then there not many options on temperature sensors.
Focus is on temperature reading in the second house.


If you have internet in both houses, it should be possible with a VPN connection to have one Ethernet segment in the two houses. You have to be a internet/TCP/IP expert to accomplish that.

Thanks for your reply!

However, I don’t quite understand. The older Homey pro do not have ethernet. How would I be able to add temp. sensors if I’m on VPN? Do you mean by WiFi? We have the Same SSID in both houses, forgot to add thar.

I was a bit unclear. I preferably want Zigbee or z-wave sensors. Was considering using a hub for the mesh in the second house, but can’t find anyone that may be added to Homey other than Hue, Trådfri (and Xiaomi).

Would it be easier to use HA to add eg Sonoff hub/gateway, and via HA add them to Homey, is that possible?

My brother is a network expert, so I can get good help if needed.

Same SSID does not involve that both (WiFi) networks form one IP-network segment.
70 meters is to far for Z-wave or Zigbee. I have not heard yet that it is possible to tunnel this protocol via internet or any other transmission technology. So I think you should think in the direction of Matter and Thread.
Or something like a Hue bridge on the remote location, connected via VPN to your local Homey via the app “Philips Hue”. The Philips motionsensors also have a temperature sensor.

VPN’s includes WiFi, so then you can use WiFi temperature sensors.

If you have line of sight, then you can try zwave ,868 mhz directional antenna’s. Or even 433mhz antenna’s and sensors. Else if you have internet there, just use switchbot hub plus temp sensor. Low cost and no need for vpn tunnels etc
Homey uses the switchbot cloud as a bridge to the sensor

If you have second homey you can use the Homesh apps.

Any lights in a garden or along a pathway in between?
If you replace them for Zigbee of Z-Wave lights, you can extend your current mesh network to the second home that way…
Or put a Zigbee/Z-wave relay (or something like that) in a box (power socket?) of you have 230V anywhere in between…

Tank you for all answers and suggestions!

We solved it, for the moment, by using two aeotec range extenders. One in each building. Hoping it will still work during summer, when the trees are full of leaves…

If not, I will look into the alternatives suggested.