All apps keep crashing after update

After last night’s update on my homey 2016 not an single app is working. Did a reboot a few times but doesn’t work. More people experiencing problems?

[Tip] Problems with Homey?

fe What Type Homey?
have you replaced the Power adapter?
Have you tried a PtP or just restart?

Homey Pro early 2016
Did not replace power adapter, last night everything worked, after update nothing works.

Did a software reset and also power reset.

Try it with another USB Adapter as described in the tips.

Did try another USB adapter but still doesn’t work.

Can you start the sysInternals App again?
and create a Support case at Athom, send a report from Homey - Settings.

Do you have latest fw ? Just in case…



  • Fixes an issue that could cause some errors (directly on App start) to not be reported as crashes.

Nope, not possible

Yes since last night latest firmware

Will try support ticket

Did make a support ticket at Athom. The estimated reaction time scares me.

“This is why our expected reply time is 2-3 weeks.”

Experiencing problems since a few hours and already feel like I’m set back 10 years…

Presence detection is still working on homey.

Your issue was discussed on Slack, Athom said they will contact you.


Don’t know what Slack is, but I guess it’s something good?

Already received a reaction from Athom. That’s really fast, great!

Suggestion is to boot Homey in recovery mode. Will try that when home again.

updated the Article

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Thanks everyone! I did a recovery and its working again.


I had the same issue after the update last night. Restarting didn’t solve it. After restore with ‘full software update’ all Apps are running again :sweat_smile:


Same here. Very annoying. However, the suggested full recovery with forced software update worked.

@athom, maybe verify the update method for possible corruption as 3 people seem to share this issue?

Hi Remy,

This is just a users forum, don’t count on Athom (the manufacturer) to read your post . The tag @athom also doesn’t tag anyone btw

So, it’s best practice to write to instead. Then you’re sure you’ll be heard.


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