Alfen Eve Single Pro support


Is there any where support for an Alfen Eve Single Pro charging station?



I’d also be very interested in this

I am getting an Alfen S-line installed end of this month, so very interested in this too.

Yes me to. I see for home assistant some people enabled it via modbus:

Interested !

that’s not Homey, but Home Assistant.
And I didn’t get that fully working.

Currently I am using to control the Alfen and that works quite well. Can also be installed in HomeAssistant as an Addon.

EVCC running in Homey, would also be great.

I have contacted Alfen but unfortunately they don’t give me direct access to the charging point as it’s managed by one of their resellers (Alva Charging Services). So I contacted them and they say they use software from E-Flux to actually provide the services. So I contacted E-Flux and they say they don’t have an official API that 3rd parties (e.g. Homey) can integrate with…

Seems like a dead end for now. This market seems quite fragmented and full of closed systems unfortunately. Currently doing my Smart Charging via Stekker, but would prefer Homey eventually.

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The Alfen here in my house is installed and configured by Numobi/50Mile Solutions, which is an OCP operator like e-Flux.
That service is mainly used for split-billing so that the electricity usage is paid back by the employer.

No, I connected 2 network cables into the Alfen myself.
1 as a p1 connection connected to the P1 port for loadbalancing.
The other as a networkcable connected to a networkswitch.
This way the Alfen is visible in my local network and i can use an EMS to manage it.

I now use, which is an amazing piece of open source software.
A yes, I run EVCC as a Home Assistant Add-Onn.

Next step I would like to get working, is combine EVCC with meter redings from MQTT or get EVCC running with Homey, wich I will receive one of the next days.

Any success? ^^

I would be very interested

In a few weeks I will also receive an Alfen Eve Single Pro-Line. Is there already a way to connect this to a Homey (pro)?

Also interested. So far I’ve several zigbee and hue products connected with my Philips Hue. Looking to add several Zwave and on the point of deciding to go for Homey pro or Home assistant. On important ‘must have’ is the steering of charging point at home (Alfen Even Single Pro) and optimal use of solar panels with Huawei SUN2000L converter (connected via FusionSolar app) .

For any devs here, might be interesting: GitHub - egnerfl/alfen_wallbox: Alfen wallbox - Home Assistant Component ?

Seems Alfen can’t be integrated with Homey. An EV charger can only dumb the largest load very FAST, so why is this not being build yet?

Through this (without homey) it seems to be do-able ?
Though you’d need to have bought/unlocked the loadbalacing extension from Alfen.

Works great! Up and running here for more than a month now. Can control the Alfen Eve Single Pro with Homey by Mqtt and get readings from it to Homey (also Mqtt)

oh I see there’s a thread about it: - #11 by drao


I am now using Tibber or Frank apps to manage the load and integrate with Homey. I live in NL.

They have a feature called “Smart Charging” which uses only the cheapest charging slots based upon config. There are integrations for vaious charging stations and cars. I now use car integration but within a few months they support the Alfen Single Pro station; that is when I will switch, because of reliability issues with the car communication.

Benefits for me: no need to worry about managing this myself, and still I get my own insights.
So for me I do not longer need the Alfen integration in Homey directly.

Just a consideration. Not sure if this applies to you / solves something for you.