Maxem Home for Homey (unofficial)

Maxem Home for Homey (unofficial)

Monitor the solar power that’s generated, control your EV chargepoint and more with the Maxem Home for Homey App.

The Maxem Home for Homey App is your energy pro for at home. Every significant energy flow at home can be monitored; your grid connection, home energy use, electrical vehicle charging station as well as your electrical heating (heatpump). It is a complete monitoring system for your home – with added benefit of dynamic load balancing. You do not own a Maxem yet? Checkout this website.


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The app is available for alpha testing, depending on the responses I get I will decide if I continue with this project. Those who are interested in alpha testing please send me a PM.

App showcase:

Flow examples:

Nice that there is an integration for the Maxem.

I’ve tried to install a Maxem device but get an error after adding : “device: should be object (#/properties/data/type)”

How can i get the device installed?

I’m having the same issue, but it’s a different app. It’s the app Maxem Smart Energy bij Edwin van Dillen:
For what I know not the same Homey app as in this thread.

Hi Rob,

We’re having the same issue with the same app.
Maybe @Homey_Lampje can get us back on track.

I never published this app… the app that is in the Homey App Store is from another developer.

Due to the fact that Edwin now has made and published his Maxem for Homey app I will not publish mine… that one is for personal use only now.

Sorry for the confusion, i’ll wait and hope that Edwin will react on the problem we have.
Thanks for your reaction.

Hi I’m not Edwin but for reference if you’re getting that error in your Homey app on Android/iOS then this is the onPair() function (or similar functionality) in the driver.js file for the product not populating the array properly - basically (most likely) a programming bug.

The correct format of the array is [{name: ‘whatever’, data:{attribute: ‘value’}}], so note that the data: key in each object corresponding to each device is an object so it can hold multiple items of data used in your device.js.