[App][Pro] Easy Charge Controller

Have created a smart app for charging your car, but with a little different approach that the other ones out on the market.

Read all about it in the documentation. The doc is also work in progress, so it will be updated and improved constantly

Here is the App Store Page

It’s still at beta quality, but good fedback is appreciated

v1.2.8 is out

Norwegian users may want to join the Facebook group dedicated to this app:

It takes some effort to get started with the required control flows, but the documentation provides detailed instructions.

After said initial setup, the app works great. You can smart charge, even smarter than using the commonly used Tibber (Norway Electricity provider) plugin. You can also smart charge if you buy from a different company that does not automatically provide smart charging capabilities.

I had issues with this, but error thrown when testing script seems normal. Calling script from homey advanced flow seems to work and sends a schedule to charger as intended.

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Also, I really cant get the controller to work properly. How is the easee charger to be configured?

Without weekly scheduel or with?
Open access or closed?

The Easse Charger does not need any special configuration, but it must be turn on. If you are able to set a start and stop time manually with the Easee iOS App, it will work also with ECC and Easee Homey App.

This is how my charger look like, before a schedule is applied


Ok, so no schedule set.

Problem is that my charger will start as soon as I plug in my car automaticly.

Just wait a minute, and ECC Will apply the Scheduler.

The thing is that the charger need to start to actually change the charger status to ‘charging’. ECC will get that notification and calculate a chargingplan and then send the schedule to Easee and finally the charging session goes into wait for schedule.

Ok, thanks, I will check and reply back. As of now, car don’t need charge :slight_smile:

Nope, still not working, I also tried your script in the documentation again because my charger wont get any scheduel.

But the script wont run as expected. I get result:

(yes, I have pasted my charger device ID in the script…)

createEaseeChargerSchedule args []

❌ Script Error
⚠️ Error: Error occured with createEaseeChargerSchedule : SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input args: ''
    at createEaseeChargerSchedule.js.js:18:9
    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)

When using script from here: Homey Easy Charge Controller Homepage - Homey Easy Charger - Confluence (bwa.no)

try {
  console.log("createEaseeChargerSchedule args", args);
  const obj = JSON.parse(args);
  await Homey.flow.runFlowCardAction({
    uri: 'homey:device:your-device-id-here',
    id: 'createSchedule', 
    args: {
      'startTime': ''+obj.start,
      'endTime': ''+obj.stop,
      'repeat': true
} catch (err) {
  throw Error("Error occured with createEaseeChargerSchedule : " + err + " args: '" + args + "'");

Ok, testing the script in homey script returns error, but when running it via flow, it works and sends scheduel to charger.
So it works now I guess.

Yes, you must send some data to the script as parameter, without it will fail.

Thank you for clarification. It was not described in documentation to my memory. I’ve read it a few times now to set everything up :smiley:

Now when I plug my car in, I ping car for charge level and send info to your app. It then calculates and sends schedule to my charger as intended.

Thanks for your patience