Alarms broken in 7.0.1

Since the auto upgrade to version 7.0.1 on my homey pro last night my alarms did not trigger. I created a new alarm to test and that also did not trigger. All working previously. Interestingly I was on a release candidate for 7.0.1 (can’t remember which I’m afraid) for the past few days and alarms were working fine on that.

Anyone else seeing this?

Check if the time in your Homey is correct.

Thanks yes I checked the time and it’s correct.

OK so in my most recent test, I created an alarm for 0924 and then created a flow triggered by that specific alarm to add an item to the timeline. It did not trigger at 0924. However this time I left the alarm active and it actually triggered at 1024. I double checked the time in Settings > General > System information and it shows the time correctly and the timezone as Europe/London which is correct.

Alarms were all working fine yesterday right up to the point when the 7.0.1 update landed. Nothing else changed on my system between the alarms working perfectly yesterday and not working this morning.

Any ideas?

And just to triple-check, at about 1140 this morning I created an alarm for 1043, then created a flow triggered by that alarm to add something to the timeline. The alarm triggered at 1143 and added an item to the timeline as shown in the attached screenshots. As you can see, the timeline item shows as having been triggered at 1143, so this is definitely broken somewhere.

Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 11.44.21

Change your Homey’s location to something random, then change it back to the correct location again. This issue has existed for a few firmware iterations already.

Thanks Robert. At first this didn’t seem to work, then I rebooted Homey and tried again and seems to have worked now.

I will have to disable automatic updates if every time it updates it’s going to stop all the alarms working.

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I think the update to 7.0.1 was a bit sloppy.
In my case several flows no longer wanted to run. Even very simple lighting flows remained silent.
After a PTP the problems were over.
So i don’t think it is not only related to alarms etc.