Aeotec NanoMote Quad

I had conversation with Aeotec sometime ago. They will try to do their best to upgrade the homey aeotec app with a lot of features. However they are completely unfamiliar with homey system so they did stated they still need to form a team or to hire external help.

Let’s see how this will all develop as I find Aeotec so much more interesting / open / better supported (helpdesk) then fibaro. Let’s not forget one of the first companies that opened up their devices firmware so it can be updated by third party systems.

Seems 3.0.0 test is SDK3 and I’m still on FW 4.2.0 :frowning:
There’s now a stable version 2.3.0, but still same problem as before :frowning:
Athom reported the problem to Aeotec.

Just tested it, and actually it does work on v3.0.0, but judging the flow cards not much has changed so I installed v2.3.0 back again (the 1 in the stable channel) and tried, and it does work! At least the scene activation card (and their weird Dutch namings for the top button, which says “Left”). I did need to press 3 times before it responded the first time in Homey, after that it was consistent every time I pressed, it triggered.

kinda scared now to create flows yet, as when the ID’s will change for the flow cards, I’ll need to re-create all the flows as they will break.

I heard from Aeotec that the problem with the NanoMote has not been solved yet.

Just got mail that it’ll be fixed. See:

A new test version v3.0.1 is available, but I don’t know what they did.

I use v 2.3.0 now and it’s working with Homey fw 4.2.0. For unknown reason the flow was disabled.

Is this the problem we are talking about?
Today I included my NanoMote the first time and the test flows I made are ok.
Or are there any other problems?

Have you checked if the flow is enabled?

You probably misunderstood me. Everything is fine.

Hi. Is it possible to add Trisensor as non-secure?

Yes, use CLI method and edit com.aeotec-master\drivers\ZWA005\driver.compose.json
from this source

Where i can download source code of 2.3.0 version? on github only 2.2.3 is available.

??? You mean v3.0.2!?

No i mean 2.3.0, current stable version for FW4

Why are you looking on GitHub for stable app versions??? The stable v2.3.0 is available in the App-Store.
I did not looked in the App-Store before, because this should be the first place for looking at Apps. So I thought the stable version is the v2.2.3. This was the reason why I asked.

To edit driver.compose.json and add Trisensor as non-secure device.

Ok, did not have your special requirement in mind, sorry.
Z-Wave devices (brand independent) can be included via the Fibaro App and the Walli Switch unsecure.

Really? How? Please give me little instructions.

Okay i just read it again and tried it and it’s works! I thought it’s only for Fibaro devices. THANK YOU.

– Install Fibaro App (if not already available)
– Choose: Devices -> + -> Fibaro -> Walli Switch -> Connect
– Press Action Button once of the TriSensor

While inclusion, the sensor must be located only a few centimeters away from Homey.

That’s it.
I didn’t tried it by myself with other manufacturer, but they say it works.

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THANK YOU! It’s works with Aeotec devices.