Aeotec multisensor 6 - settings?


I was trying to setup the multisensor to refresh readings across all sensors over a period of 30mins each time.
Having left it for 24hrs, both the temperature and lux seem to be refreshing at a 30min interval. However, both the humidity and ultraviolet are not as they were last refreshed 7hrs and 14hrs respectively.

Can someone advise, as i’m not sure if its due to my settings?
Btw, I’m not even sure if i should be setting up the “Raw Configuration Parameters Value” But have them set at 5,1,2;101,4,241;111,4,1800

10 Minutes Wake-Up:false
Motion Alarm Cancellation:240
Motion Sensor Sensitivity:Level 5 (maximum)
Tamper Alarm Cancellation:120
Battery Low Threshold:20
Threshold Dependend Updates:false
Temperature Threshold:2
Humidity Threshold:2
Luminance Threshold:2
Battery Level Threshold:10
Ultraviolet Threshold:2
LED Behaviour On Alarms
Update Value(s) Interval:1800
Temperature Calibration:0
Humidity Calibration:0
Luminance Calibration:0
Ultraviolet Calibration:0
Group 1:1
Wake-Up Interval
Interval (in seconds):1800
Raw Configuration Parameters Value: 5,1,2;101,4,241;111,4,1800

Z-Wave Device Information
Device ID:5
Manufacturer ID:134
Product Type ID:2
Product ID:100
Firmware Version:1
Firmware Sub Version:7
Firmware ID:0
Hardware Version:100

It could be that the given threshold values were not exceeded during these times (7 and 14 hrs) and therefore no new values were sent. But this is just a guess.
Threshold value humidity = 2
Threshold value UV = 2
However, no change in humidity greater than 2 % within 7 hours is very unlikely. But of course it depends on the installation place. This also applies to UV.

Regarding the raw configuration.
Group 1:1 is the same like 101,4,241
Update Value(s) Interval:1800 is the same like 111,4,1800
So there is no need to do a raw configuration for these two parameters.

Note that “Threshold Dependend Updates:false”
Doesn’t this mean it should NOT evaluate any thresholds for the different sensor items. Therefore it should just report on it regardless if they have changed or not?
Temperature Threshold:2
Humidity Threshold:2
Luminance Threshold:2
Battery Level Threshold:10
Ultraviolet Threshold:2

In regards to the raw configuration.
Are you saying that the ONLY valid configuration should be 5,1,2 and the rest i can remove?

Yes, that’s what it should mean. But as I said, it was just a guess from myself.
If no Z-Wave community expert speaks up, then I suggest contacting Aeotec.

Valid is the wrong word. The raw configuration of the parameter 101 and 111 are also valid, but you can change them much easier by using the green marked parameter in the screenshot (sorry, only in German language):

As i’ve set “Threshold Dependend Updates:false” then based on the recent behaviour, i sense that the other sensors are not taking this setting into account. Its seems like its still evaluating thresholds and hence its not reporting? Looking at your settings i notice you have also set this to false like me, so should not be evaluating thresholds.

Just recently in the last hour, the humidity has updated at the same time as temp and lux. However, the ultraviolet sensor is now 17hours ago.

Thanks for verifying the Raw Configuration Parameters.

Can I ask what is the difference between these 2 parameters below ? I want a refresh at every 1800 secs hence i’ve set both the same, but not really understanding the real difference between these?

Update Value(s) Interval:1800
Wake-Up Interval Interval (in seconds):1800

Looking at your settings, you seem to have 120second refresh but other interval is 86400?

I make it easy for myself. If you tap on the parameter “Update Value(s) Interval” or “Wake-Up Interval → Interval (in seconds)”, then the parameters are explained.
In short: “Update Value(s) Interval” has nothing to do with “Wake-Up-Interval”.
If this is not understandable enough, please let me know.

120 s: Homey receives every 120 s (new) values from the sensor.
This is the insight chart for the lux value:

And this should maybe the point: New Values
So maybe it’s like I guessed in my first post:

My Wake-Up-Interval of 86.400 s doesn’t matter because my sensor is powered by USB.

Apologies, as I should have mentioned that I have already read the explanation against each of these parameters. But based on the descriptions, i’m still not very clear that I understanding what the parameter is for?

Update Values Interval
This parameter indicates how often the sensor should send an update of (new) values to devices
in association group 1 (including homey)

Wakeup Interval
This value specifies the time when the device will wake up to send its status to Homey

I understand that the “Update Values Interval” dictates what interval that the sensor will send across values to homey. It doesn’t state which sensor values are specifically sent but I assume its simply ALL sensor values are sent? It also mentions something about sending the values to devices in association group 1. Again i’ve no clue what this means about a sending values to devices in association group 1. And what is meant by association group 1.

With regards to the description on Wakeup interval. It states this holds an internal period of when the device wakes up to send its status to homey. It doesn’t go into any detail of what status its sending to homey. Again one could argue and read this as the status its sending to homey could be the individual sensor values?
As this defines a wakeup interval, it suggest that the device can therefore sleep. When its asleep, does that mean it will not send values as per the update values interval?

I’m just trying to get a better understanding of exactly what these parameters relate to, and how they impact each other etc.

I should add that unlike you, I’m using battery rather than USB. Just to help make things clear.

I understand your point and guess about the part regarding (new) values sent and threshold values not being met. However, as i’ve mentioned before “threshold dependent updates is false”; hence it should not evaluate thresholds. But then again perhaps because the value (i.e. humidity) is not new that it wont even send it. This might explain why i’m not always getting a humidity value at the sametime as temp/lux?

First of all, I learned a lot of knowledge from users in communities like this one, some knowledge I learned from books, and some knowledge through trial and error, but I’m still not an expert concerning Z-Wave, I’m not a developer and not electronic engineer. So there is a lot of missing knowledge to learn.

Yes, that’s what I suspect.

This is a good explanation of what associations are and what they are used for. It is unfortunately a German language thread, but with a translation program, e.g., the content should be understandable.


No. Afaik the charging level of the battery will be sent to Homey, but I’m not sure.

Yes, every battery powered device sleeps the most time of a day (like me :wink:), depending on the setting of the Wake-Up-Intervall of course. The sleep mode is needed to save the battery capacity.
Power consumption of a Gen5 chip in sleep state: approx. 1 µA
Power consumption of a Gen5 chip in awake state: approx. 32 mA

The WUI is used to enable a battery-powered device to receive data from the gateway (Homey), e.g. changed device parameters (in the Homey app).
The WUI is not used to send sensor values, e.g. temperature, humidity etc… These data are sent independently of the WUI.

This is what I have tried to explain. But it’s a guess.

As said before: Note that Homey reports changes, not updates. So if the device sends a value that is equal to the previous, Homey will not state it received the new value. It only shows how long ago it received a different value. A subtle, but important distinction. So basically (and in some ways sadly) you sometimes cannot tell if a device received updates lately.

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Yes, now that you and others have mentioned that homey reports changes only then it would explain why some sensors do not report anything on a given interval despite the disabling of threshold updates. To be fair from the tests i’ve carried out, i’m not even convinced that threshold updates work? i.e. having enabled threshold updates and where the temperature threshold is set to 10 degrees C. The result was that it was still reporting changes of less than 10DegreeC at the next intervals.

As suggested before, I recommend contacting Aeotec and/or Athom.

@hyeung How many MS6 do you have ?
The “LED Behaviour On Alarms” settings is working for you ? I mean you can desactivate the motion led ?

About 7.
And yes led is working on alarms.

Ok but can you desactivate it on all of them ?
On some of mine the setting is not working sadly…

I’ve not tried to deactivate the motion alarms, as this is something i want to have enabled.

Im talking about the led !

I’ve left the led behaviour on alarms as default - enabled. As i want to see the led’s kick off on any motion. Hence have not bothered to disabled this feature.
Looking at the descriptions of this feature, it suggest that its only applicable for firmware v1.8 and up.

@jeremypsl, have you already contacted Aeotec? I would suggest to do this.

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I assume you have remove the device from homey; tried a hard reset of the device followed by re-associating the device to homey?