Aeotec MultiSensor 6 - setting raw parameters

Im having trouble changing the raw parameters for my Aeotec multisensor 6. Im trying to change the interval time of sending reports in Report group 2 (parameter 112) and group 3. How can I do this? If I type in 112,4,300 in the raw configurator nothing happens. Looking at the devices in the developer page the parameter 112 doesn’t even show in the list.

Under associations it only shows group 1. how can I get group 2 and 3 to show up?

The motion sensor sensitivity can be changed without using raw parameters (under device specific settings), but shouldn’t I be able to change all parameters using the raw configurator? When I type in 4,1,5 it does not change the parameter.

The multisensor 6 only has 1 association group.
The parameter doesn’t talk about association groups, but just a bundle of data being send to association group 1,
so you can have seperate intervals for 3 different group of values

thanks for the answer. So how do I change the parameters 101,102,103,111,112,113 for instance? When I try to set values for these parameters in the raw configurator it does not show anywhere which value I set.

It is the way you show it in your first message.
Homey doesn’t have dynamic settings, so if there is no setting in the advanced settings for those parameters, then it will stay that way until the app developer adds them.
Homey can only change settings if the device reports the parameter back, which no device does in its own, expert parameters is 1 way only, as it doesn’t expect you to use expert parameters when there are build in settings for said parameters.