Aeotec door/window sensor 7 with external sensor

I have trouble to configure the wma008 sensor.
I use an external dry sensor (works since contact is on pin 3 and 4 when letter box closed ans no contact when open … controller with multimeter)
I use raw configuration 1,1,1 to configure as a external sensor
But the alarm is always on …
could you help me ?

Change the setting for “polarity”

Changed but no effect … as written in the manual …
A nightmare… I changed many parameters without any effects

Why do you use RAW parameter change and not use the setting-option in the device parameter setting? Both should give the same result ofcourse.You did the changes in the advanced settings of the device it selves, I presume? And you activated the device just before the the moment the parameters were sent?

Test with the internal sensor on the table : ok
Switch to the external with the parameter : ko
Test with raw : ko

Don’t know what to test more … otherwise I cut the internal sensor and solder the external one … but I would prefer not to do that