Aeotec door/window sensor 7 raw config


I’m having trouble to configure the raw parameters in the Aeotec app for the door/widow sensor 7. For instance I want my sensor to revive inputs from the external connector instead of the magnet. I’ve read in the Aeotec manual that this setting is in parameter 1, 1 bite and value 1 so it should be 1,1,1 in raw format. I’ve typed in 1,1,1 in the raw column in the app but nothing happens.
The wake up is turned on and the interval is 1h.

Any one know why it don’t work?
Have you got it to work and how?



have you been able to solve the problem yet?

The raw parameters 1,1,1 seem correct.
If you want to apply these parameters to the sensor, you should wake up the sensor either shortly before or right after clicking the checkbox and not wait for the interval-based wakeup.