Aeotec MS7 Motion sensoer

Hello, I’ve got a Aeotev ms7 that I can’t quite figure out, I got the temperature, lux, UV and moist to work an update frequently, they are reporting back every 5-10 minutes or so, but the motion part doesn’t detect movements, that been said, it will work the first 1-2 hours, but then it stops. I’ve fee like I’ve adjusted every parameter that is to, but nothing seems to help.
If I delete it and re pair it it will work for 1-2 hours then stop, I’ve tried pairing it unsecure and secure same results every time
This is my current setup, with the motion not working:

Which firmware is installed on the MS7?
Regarding the Aeotec support side the newest firmware version is v1.03 which solves a freeze issue with the motion sensor:

Btw, it’s possible to post all the screenshots in one post only… :wink:

hi, think I’m running on SW 1, it doesn’t say anything else, to update this I need to buy a z-stick? Or can I update this trough the homey?