Aeotec 4in1 gen1 Motion sensor not working anymore eotec

Since a few months (since last update) the motion sensor of this 4in1 sensor is not working anymore.
The other sensors such as lux, temp, moist work normally.

I reported this problem as bug and they released a beta update to fix this problem, sadly this beta update did not fix the problem…

They closed github so there is no option to respond or to report any new bugs or give any feedback.

Anyone an idea how to get this sensor fixed of does anyone have the same issue?

Github is indeed clossed by athom, with the v2 version they also introducé a new system to report bugs ect.

How you can find on the Welcome post


Little strange, they answer the problem and ask me to give feedback if the fix works or not but immediately close the issue and giving feedback is impossible.

I had to wait a longtime before it is even fixed, then they try to fix it and the fix does not work and now i cannot report this, it was an on going problem…

I replied on the support ticket of athom i made a few weeks ago to report the issue, i hope they will read that and do an other fix so the app is finally fixed so the motion sensor can be used again.

Since github has been shut down :

For support or issue resolution, first have a look at and if you cant find an answer there then you create a new ticket here

If you need help in how to create a support request you can find more information here.

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