Aeotec Energy Gen5 stopped working since aeotec v3.0.8

Hi all,
Since the aeotec update my energy meter doesn’t work anymore.
Homey indicate that the App has been updated 17h ago and the latest value indicate the same timerange.
I tryed to reboot the Homey, the aeotec energy module and delete/associate the module again without any chance.
I’m running Homey v5
Do you have any deeper manipulation to advise ?

I’ve been talking with Aeotec about this very issue since yesterday, and found the (highly likely) cause just a few minutes ago, so should be fixed in the next app update.

Ok thanks for the feedback.
Just to wait !
Do they spoken about a due date or is there a way to rollback to a previous version ?

If it is the issue, then the due date is today.

ok let’s see it. thanks