Aeotec TriSensor support?

Is there already support for the Aeotec Trisensor? If yes, how can i add thuis device? If no, will it be supported soon?

Thanks, i added a review to the Aeotec app with comment.

Did you get reply on trisensor support?

Anyone got a reply on this matter?

I send a request too but I fear there won’t be any movement at all:(

Also sent a request now. why isn’t this already added? it can’t be that much work when they already have an Aeotec app.

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Any update on this request? It would be great to get an idea of the timeframe, might be easier to just replace these tri-sensors with the Aeotec 6-in-1 multisensor which is supported. Thanks

Tri sensor is already supported in the latest (stable) app release 2.3.0 that was released 2 weeks ago in the stable channel, and has been in test channel even a week or so before that.

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Yes the TriSensor is included in the latest app but as I found being in Australia that the Australian ID was missing for the device hence whilst it works in some regions it does not in others.
Aeotec support has indicated that this was fixed in the current beta version 3.0.2 and should be available when Homey goes to version 5.0.0

A question regarding the Trisensor in Homey; I would like to disable the LED notification (parameter 10) and I have found the switch in the advanced menu. However, on both settings the LED notification stays on (which is a issue since the Trisensor is in a bedroom) and flashes quite bright.

Does anyone have found a solution for that or am I doing something wrong?

I’m experiencing the same and have the same question :grinning:

Does anyone know the trick or isn’t it possible at all?

Do you wake up the sensor before saving the changed settings?


hello i have one trisensor for test, but i can not set motion sensor.
i set motion retrigger time from 30 to 1 (catch each movenet not 30sec pause)
and motion clear time to 10 (turn off 10 seconds after last movement)
but after SAVE. motion sensor dont work with new times, but always with factory settings 30 and 60 seconds. i made wake up 2sec hold button red light, and also 5 sec hold button for 5min wake up yellow light. but this make any change in motion sensor function. still works with 30 and 60 seconds. any ideas where can be problem? thank you

Which message (in a green box) appears when you save the changed values?