Dissable AEOTEC led alarm

Hey guys I like the aeotec trisensor but i just want to turn off the green LED activated by motion alarm sensor. I am using the sensor dirrectly connected to homey via Z-wave and there is a setting to deactivate the led but it seems to me that the setting has no effect on the sensor. Does anyone have the trisensor and has been able to turn off the led?

Please share your exprience

You must wake up sensor by pressing 1x button inside battery chamber to apply settings. You can also wait 8h (default settings) to auto wake up.

I have a 1/2 dozen TriSensors with the same issues. It does not seem they ever get the update even after 8 hours or 24 hours. Is the “take them down and wake them up manually” going to be the only way to get the leds off?

I have one TriSensor on my desk, and I’ve checked right now:

This setting is working after manual wake up. If waiting doesn’t work, this will work 100%.

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