Aeotec minimote support?

Is it possible to connect the minimote from aeotec ?
This 4 button remote control is not listed on the supported device list.

I know it is possible to connect devices directly to the minimote buttons. I want to switch a flow directly on the Homey.

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welcome @ivom74

As your new to this forum i first suggest to read the welcome post, there is lot of information about things also how to ask support for adding the remote to the app.

Welcome to the forum!

Hello Roy, thank you for your suggestion about the guidelines. Wrong subject?
Ofcourse I searched the forum on ‘minimote’. There was only one thread about the ‘minimote’ connecting directly to devices.
On the website for supported Aeotec devices I didn’t see the Minimote.
If this is the wrong place to ask, let me know. Maybe I can delete the thread.:grimacing:

its oke to mention here, but they MAYBE read it, and if the do, 99 % you wont get a answer from athom.

Its stil a communty forum, and the past have proven they dont care what is written here about qustions ect, but they prommised not long ago to read more, and gonna to follow what the communty wants for devices features ect.

So to be sure still think the best is to contact them directly.

And this topic, is a good start to see if there are more people want the device to be added into the app.

the minimote has a pull request awaiting since march 2nd this year.

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Good to know there is a pull request. I’m awaiting support for this device too. Just filled out the Request device support for Homey form.