Aeotec Micro switch gen 2 dsc26 “missing capability listener”

I’m getting the error “Missing Capability Listener: onOff” when I try to control my DSC26 gen 2 micro switch.

Brand new Homey user, though long-time Automator previously with Indigo. I’ve got a large fleet of Z-Wave devices to migrate. I have successfully migrated a couple of TKB plug sockets without issue. Adding the DSC26 works fine (done at <10cm range) but then when I try to control the device I get the error message.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

Reboot the aeotec app,
if that doesn’t fix it, reboot Homey,
if that still doesn’t fix it you’ll have to re-include your device into Homey.

Thank you Caseda. I did all of those in that order and still exactly the same issue. Anything else I can try? Error message sounded more like an error in the code, no?

Correct, it does sound like it, but usually that isn’t the case.
This time though (having looked at the code 3 times), it does seem an error in the code, you’ll have to contact Aeotec support for a fix though. (error most likely is: “Basic” should be fully capitalized, they will know where to look for then)
Weird that you are the first one to notice this one.

Fantastic, I will do that - thank you so much for your help. Hopefully they can get this fixed.

I’ve been advised by Aeotec support that this problem has now been fixed and will be included in the next update.