[Advanced Flow] Timeline: All-block done! Any-block done! - Template / Example

Hi guys,
since I have the Advanced Flow installed, I get two items in the time line that come back each day at the same time. See the screenshot. They are ‘Any-block done’ and ‘All-block done’. They come in each day at 13:37. Funny thing is that there are no flows running at that time. I did not add this time line notification myself. Everything is working fine but I just wonder where this comes from.

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You probably saved the initial example:
available as the first Advanced Flow created:
https : // my.homey.app/homeys/ < YourHomeyID > /flows/advanced/create?id=template
13u37 => Leet - Wikipedia

Strange thing is that I indeed saved that one but then changed just about everything in it, including those notifications. I went through all flows that I have, but I cannot find any notification with those texts.

Found it! The example flow was hidden out of view below the screen in one of the flows.
Stupid is as stupid does,…

My timeline is filled with “All-block done!” and “Any-block done!”. Where does this come from? Can I get rid of it?

See it this was asked before, so your question is moved. to that Topic.

You created your first Advanced Flow and saved it.

it contains on LEET time … 13u37 one trigger with two notifications

Yup. That was it! Exactly same issue as @Wim_van_Bezouw had. The notifications were hidden below the screen in one of my other flows.

Thanks for your help!