Adding zwave devices only direct

Wanted to add some further devices, such as 3 rollercurtain modules of fibaro.
Could not get them coupled, added a range extender, still nothing.

Then experimented with a neo coolcam module adding it , deleting again, 1 meter further, try again… Untill it got out of direct reach and had to use a hop.

Appearantly you cannot add a device over a hop/ router. You need to add it direct.

After adding, you can move it so it uses routers.

Cant remember how i added all my other zwave devices.
In this case it was not very practical, as the modules have quite some wiring, i build in a box together.

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You can also bring your Homey temporarely to the device for adding, if the device is on a fixed place.

Acc. Athom Homey Bridge, Homey Pro (early 2019) and Homey Pro (early 2023) supports NWI (Network Wide Inclusion):

Perhaps you can contact Athom about this.

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It’s not a generalised problem since I have added quite a few z wave devices remote from Homey that immediately joined with at least one hop. Maybe some devices support this better than others?

That’s why i tried 2 different things… I was really surprised

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