Getting started

Hi. I just bought a Homey and are struggling to start some workflows. I have added Motion Sensor (Fibaro) and Switch 2 (Fibaro) with success. Even though non of them not appear in the component window. I can`t find the Motion Sensor when I want to start a flow. What am I doing wrong ?

do you mean ? They do not appear in the devices list of your app? Or do you mean they do appear in the devices list. If its the first then they aren’t added successfully.

Hi. I can´t find them anywhere to be selected (neither “Devices window” or the “Create Flow / Add card window”. When I added the Fibaro components I got a message where the app told me its been successful added. If I try to add again - the app tells me its already added.

Other devices like Samsung TV, Sonos speakers and Ikea Trådfri is visual in the “Devices window” and are possible to choose in the “Create Flow / Add card window”

Can`t figure this out - am looking in the wrong places ?

And when u go to
There is a list of ur Zwave devices and they should appear there when succesfuly added to Homey.

There`s nothing in Z- Wave, but I can see the other stuff in Zigbee. Really strange…

My guess is that is not correctly added then. You can undo it under settings->zwave-> remove a zwave device. When you use it you need to set the fibary device in pairing mode it should be removed. After that try adding it again using the fibaro app.