Adding new Ikea bulbs with the hub

Hello there,

Probably a very simple question.
I added some light bulbs. Everything worked fine. I came quite far by using the forums. The bulbs are all visible in the app, I added them to homey and the flows do all work with my sensors.

Since everything worked, I decided to add some more bulbs. They do show up in the ikea app, but they don’t know how to get them /load them into homey.

All help would be appreciated!

Thanks alot!

It’s unclear which steps you already performed to get the bulbs added, but you need to add them just like any other new device with Homey: open the mobile app, switch to the “Devices” (“Apparaten”) tab, and press the “+” button in the top right corner. Pick the IKEA Tradfri Gateway app and choose “light”.

@robertklep gosh, it’s so easy. Sometimes I feel so stupid. Thanks alot though! I keep thinking linked devices like the hubs and Google home mini integrations should appear instantly.

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