Addinfg IKEA Tradfri Rotating Dimmer


has anyone managed to add the ratating dimmer to Homey? I either get a time out or a message saying there was an error. :frowning: No matter if I hold the dimmer very close to Homey or not. Any ideas?


They are a pita to join to Homey. I managed to add 1 after many tries, in the end it worked when i placed it on top of the dome. Then it worked for a while and then stopped. After a few re-add tries i gave up.

its just a big pita to get it connected to the Ikea hub, didn’t even try the homey:joy:

Same here, but had two working for a while. What you could try is to remove the power of any Ikea bulbs that you might have. Sometimes my dimmers paired to those. Do like the idea, but dropped the dimmers as they generated too many events and also the batteries drained too quick.