Adding home bridge to existing solution with homey pro

I think this is probably wishfull thinking, but would it be possible to add the homey bridge to an existing homey solution so it could be used as a kind of range extender/repeater for RF and IR signals? i am still looking for a good solution, especially for IR devices in a different room then the homey.
Any thoughts are welcome, thanks in advance!

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You can kinda do this using Webhooks.

You cannot extend or repeat signals, but you can install the distant devices on the bridge f.i. Then you can control them from Homey Pro using webhooks

EDITED The webhook URL has changed since end of 2022:

Like this:
From Homey Pro or Bridge A send a webhook to Bridge B:

From Bridge B send a webhook to Bridge A:

From Bridge send a webhook to Homey Pro:

• The event name (event_x) and the tag name (tag_from_bridge_b) you may invent itself, as they are the same in your flows (see sample flows)
( eu-central-1 = your used “cloud region” )
• ( …_AthomID can be found here as cloudId → Make sure you select the right Homey )

Example flows

  • Sending a webhook

  • Receiving a webhook


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