Add Unsecure Fibaro Motion Sensor?

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Wonder if anyone can help ?

I want to add my Fibaro Motion sensor to the Homey Pro in unsecure mode but not sure how to do this as it adds it in secure mode - had a look arround on the forum but can’t see anthing about it


When adding the sensor, do not select the option Motion sensor but select any Walli device. Homey will still add it as a motion sensor but now it will be included unsecure.

As far as I know Fibaro doesn’t have security S2 motion sensors, so they will include unsecure as long as your Homey Pro is on v6 or higher. (It will show Secure (x) in the developer tools and the device settings, which means unsecure)
Security S0 gets included unsecure unless otherwise specified by the developer.
If it was included before Homey Pro V6, you’ll need to reinclude it.

The way @Eddy_Poot describes is the (very) old way and doesn’t work anymore.

If it does have S2 (though I don’t think so):
If it asks for a number during inclusion use 00000
If it doesn’t you’ll need an app from the community app store called “un-z-cure” (I believe it is called)

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ok thank you

I’m having problems with my Fibaro Sensor another community member said add it as unsecured that solved his problem - Had a look at the at the developer tools and all the Z Wave devices say Secure(x) I always thought they were all secure

As Caseda said here above: Secure(x) is un-secure!

Ok thank you

Been testing the Aqara motion sensor - that is a lot faster to turn a light on than the Fibaro shame the Aqara doesn’t have a temperature gauge but if I works better for me then I can live with that