Fibaro Motion Sensor does not report/stuck

This update seems to be working fine.

Yes, fresh reinstall of the sensors is necessary.

Had the same issue, but simply updating the Fibaro app solved it. I did not have to reinclude or anything.

I have not had a stick tamper alarm since last 19 hours. (update) And half an hour later I did get another one. Will exclude and include device again to check if that helps.

I have 5 sensors and since homey 5.0 upgrade all 5 constantly show both alarms. Did re-include them all but after a night they all show the same behavior.

Any suggestions?

After some waiting, and Zigbee related reboots, I’ve not had the problem anymore. I did change the sensitivity to 15.


And you have the Fibaro App v3.0.6 in use?

No. I see v2.4.6 installed . Is this not upgraded automatically?

v3.X.X is in the test part of the app, as it isn’t mandatory for v5, then it won’t update automatically no, not until it gets put into stable

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Is this a known issue and fixed in 3.x.x?

So how do I install this test-app? Never done this before.
Have a pointer for me?

find the app in the store, go to the address bar and type /test behind it. BTW, @fantross put the link in the post, you just needed to cick it :slight_smile:

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Sometimes it is just to easy… :wink:


And @Caseda. :wink:


How do you switch the sensors to unsecure mode ?

By excluding it first then re-include it using the walli switch. Just search on this forum and you shall find how.

Afaik, since introduction of the S2 safety standard the “Walli Switch method” doesn’t work anymore.
Btw, he has already received a very detailed answer in this thread.

Thanks Guys for your help