Add Omnik Solar system results in timeout


I wanted to add my onmik solar system to my homey. I installed the app zonnepanelen en wanted to a add a device from omnik. Then i put in my credentials with the correct site id, from there i get this error.

I get the message “Timed out after 30000ms”

if i put the credentials in the original omnik app it all works fine.

I think a wrong value for the production site id gives a timeout. Got that number right?

Hey Yes i think so it is called Sitename in the omnik app?

You triggerd me, its not the site name but site ID, if you open your site in a new tab the ID is at the end of the URL thanks.

Same tool, different issue here. I am able to add the omnik system to my homey, (user id, password, site id (numbers from the URL)), however homey is not updating the data. It does not show any data.

I took some while by me either, maybe check tommorow?

In the past I had the same problem.
It took me some time to find out :wink::sweat_smile:
You can not find the side ID at the app.
You have to open the Omnik app on a webbrowser on your pc.
If you opened the app the url shows almost at the and an 4 digit numer. That is the side ID


Dear fellow users,I have been using the Solar Panels app from Diederik bakker for more than a year.Ever since the new version of Homey settled problems. Uninstalled the app again. I can’t get it now. If i want to add the Omnik inverter, enter the correct login details with the correct Site ID. Also get the message -Time error after 30000ms-Where can it go wrong?

I do have the same problem and did make a report at the site.

Same problem here.

Did everybody make an issue report?

I did test both app versions 2.4.0 and 2.5.0.
I do have the feeling it has something to do with Homey version V2.1.0.
Is everybody having this problem runnng on Homey V2.1.0?

Have this issue for some weeks now. Try to add the omnik almost every day. Updated homey today to 2.1.0., but still unable to add.

Updated the app somewhere last week, but also no result.

The Omnik app is updated today.
Immediatly the “solar pannel” app can not find the omnik converter anymore.
I quess an API code is changed?