Add Nest thermostat to your flows!

Hello readers!

I’m not sure if somebody already mentioned it on the community, but when I google it I can’t still find a howto…

If you wish to turn your nest thermostat on or off within flows that you activate with Google, then that’s possible with Google Routines.

Let’s say, for example, you’ve built a flow for bedtime. I guess you normally activate this flow by saying something like; ‘Hey google, turn on bedtime!’…

  1. Open your Google home app
  2. Press routines
  3. Edit one or create one to your liking
  4. Add a trigger, for example something you might say or an time of the day
  5. Trigger a thermostat and change it to your liking
  6. Trigger a virtual device that Homey is managing and do your magic there

For example, we’ve added this to our bedtime protocol. There are about 20 sentences Google will recognize as a trigger for bedtime. Once triggered, the Nest thermostat is turned off and the virtual switch ‘Bedtime’ is triggered. This results in handling all our Homey flows for disabling the house.

Hopefully this is usefull to someone!