Action based on any temperature sensor reaching value?

I am looking to use all my temperature sensors as an early warning system for a potential fire. I figure that if any of my temp sensor exceeds 50°C, that is a bad situation and could indicate a fire brewing. I have a smoke detectors, but not in all places where I have temp sensors.

Is there a way to trigger a flow based on a set temperature on any of my temperature sensors, without having to set a criteria for each manually? It would be great if there was a device type for temp sensors that I could use, but I have failed to find one?


You could start with this card:

You might have to be a bit creative on how to match the device against the ones you want, perhaps by prefixing each sensor’s name with the same string so you can perform a match on that in an AND card.

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Seems to work perfectly, thanks for the quick reply.

I have it populate a value that I carry over in a notification and timeline population.