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ACDB-7000A sents multiple signals per push

I use a ACDB-7000A as a doorbell button, which triggers a flow in Homey. The following things are about to begin:

  • Homey plays a doorbell sound.
  • Homey says that someone is ringing the doorbell.
  • Multiple push notifications are sent via Pushover.
  • Homey is turning green.
  • A screenshot of my IP camera is being sent via Telegram to my iPhone.
    See attached screenshot.
    So far so good. But the whole problem is, that sometimes it starts this flow only once per push. But most of the time, it starts this flow multiple times in a second. You probably could imagine that this is quite annoying. Would there be a way that it is possible to start this flow per push only once every 10-15 seconds for instance?

Thanks a lot!

I made a better logic Boolean for this. When doorbell is pushed and Boolean is false then do what u wanna do and set Boolean to true and (after 5 seconds) set Boolean back to false.

Hello Rocodamelshe,

Thank you for your fast reply! Do you have a screenshot of how boolean works? I never used them…

I can but that’s gonna be tonight after work. If no one else posted it before I will make a screenie tonight if that’s ok with u

That is just great, I have plenty time ;-)!

Ok, here we go:
Download the Better Logic app from the Appstore.
After that got to Homey settings and select Better logic.
There u make a Boolean. Name it whatever u like.

Click “add variable”.

After that u can make a flow like this:

If u have any questions about this plz ask, that’s what the community is all about!

This can also be done without using better logic, just use the Flow card with Turn flow off and turn flow on after 5 sec.

Thanks a lot! It worked immediately like it should :smiley: Thanks!

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