Kaku door bell 7000 - not available in flows

I am trying to add the kaku doorbell ABCD7000 to Homey. I installed both the ABCD7000A and ABCD7000C devices.
When trying to create flows, I cannot find a single card that is related to the doorbell.
Any clues?

What Firmware and App version are you on?
Just tried again on my Homey 2.5.2 with App 4.2.4 and see that a previous installed doorbell is not working with this updated App but pairing again works and shows all flow Cards.

and Actions

Thanks! Checked the versions and those are the same as yours, so it had to be something I was doing wrong.
Turns out I was not looking good enough. I find it a bit confusing that some devices are displayed immediately when working with cards, while others are hidden a level deeper in the zones.
Working now, thanks!