ABODE Smart Alarm System

Hello everyone, has anyone installed this Smart alarm system in your house? It automatically integrates into HomeKit but on homey there is nothing, does anyone know it and has managed to integrate it? Are any developers working on it in their spare time? Unfortunately, I don’t know how to write apps otherwise I would have started doing it. Thank you for your help
Samuel from italy

Google Home has an integration for Abode. Maybe that’s sn solution. Make virtual devices in Homey and synchronize with Google.


Can I create devices and link them to Google home? Can you help me? Thank you

You can link your devices in google home with homey, making a virtual device for every device in google home.

This link and my last reply explains how to manage this for a floor heating system. Should be the same i suppose for your devices.

I tried but it’s all very cumbersome. But it seems the only solution. Thank you