Ability to select which devices contribute to Zone Activity

All kinds of devices contribute to zone activity. For example, a door/window sensor in my Kitchen cupboard or the Dishwasher door triggers the zone activity for my kitchen, so also for my Home zone. this way the Zone activity has only limited use cases. Meaningless alarms are coupled to the zone activity IMHO.

As an example:

will trigger my kitchen and home activities:

Can Athom please add a feature so users can select which alarms contribute to zone activity?

This way, my zone flows in the kitchen also work when the dishwasher door is open (I have movement and door/window sensors on my door and windows), but I have to create many separate flows for each device since the zone activity only works in a useful way when the dishwasher door is closed.

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Yep, they can and i know it is added to v5 but the app need to be updated also. Please be patiënt until v5 is released full.
In the mean time move the device to a separate zone , it is the easiest workaround for now.

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That would be a very helpfull addition!

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Would be nice if the user could choose, not be reliant on the app developer. Why make it specific if it could be generic? Also, I have V5 and Athom created the Bosch Siemens app itself, but I don’t see them implement their own feature for the dishwasher door?

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Fully agree, this should not be an App developer issue but a Homey firmware version solution: regardless of what the App developer does.

Thanks. BTW: According to Homey, the V5 is no longer experimental since Feb 10 2021. My Homey notified me in the timeline that on Feb 20 at 4:12am, the firmware was available for download.

Correct but Athom deployed the update in waves, I guess within days but there is no update for fe the Bosch Siemens home connect app.
I expect it in an update soon. But the developers probably need time.

I was looking for this possibility, as I understand it should be possible now? I’ve been trying all sorts of things with virtual sensors etc., but can’t get that to work either.

So here goes: I’d like to use e.g. a vibration sensor or the information from a plug socket (on/off, or power meter) to set activity. How can I do this in Homey? As far as I can see, it’s like described above: Homey chooses which devices are used to set a zone to active. But that was supposed to be updated, as I understand it from the replies above. Is there an updated feature I’m not seeing in the app?

Second, and related question: what would be a way to have a contact sensor contribute to activity in two zones? I have a door between two rooms that is pretty much only open if both zones are in use.

I don’t think you can choose which devices can trigger Zone Activity. You can only choose which devices do not contribute to zone activity; IF

  • homey supports zone activity for the device type
  • (? if the developer of the device supports deselecting the device to contribute ?) - but I have not found any mechanism for this, even with V5 firmware.

@RogerSt: Ah, I get it. The discussion above was mainly about excluding a device from zone activity, for me it’s more for including. That is a pity though. If you want to exclude a device you’ll always have the - admittedly crude - option of moving it to another zone, but that doesn’t work for my use case of course.

I thought I’d do this with a virtual sensor, but that doesn’t seem to work either. I’ll have to do a dive into the forum regarding virtual devices first. Thanks for the reply.

Using a < group > app contact sensor, with the original sensor as only group member, creates a master/slave pair. So you can put the ‘slave’ sensor in an other zone which should be (in)active as well.
Of course you can use more than one ‘slave’ in other zones of choice.
No flows needed
Contact sensor example:

I just found out an active subzone, activates the main zone as well

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Hey, that’s great. I hadn’t found the app yet. Thanks! And somehow I didn’t think about the subzone thing: I had seen that, but it’s not really the right fit for my use case. Nonetheless, there’s options now. I’m going to try some stuff out with the app. Thanks!

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How can you exclude a device from zone activity? I (still) don’t see the option in the Homey app.

Afaik you can ‘solve’ that by using a separate (exclusive) zone for the device.

In this zone example, the fridge contact will not activate zone 1.01 Kitchen, while zone 1.01A drawer contacts will (and random zone 1.00 Kitchen contacts of course)

0.00 Home
> 1.00 1st floor  (sub of Home)
  > 1.01 Kitchen  (sub of 1st floor)
     > 1.01A Drawers (sub of Kitchen)
  > 1.02 Kitchen fridge (sub of 1st floor)
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Same challenge…

Ah Peter, finally someone with brains in a lacking environment :wink:

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Didn’t invent that myself tbh! Found it some time ago on this forum.
It’s even mentioned in this thread too :hugs:

But I say +1 for this request!

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Regardless, a smart workaround. Thanks!

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Hi Peter, I looks like this only would work like this:

0.00 Home
> 1.00 1st floor  (sub of Home)
  > 1.01 Kitchen  (sub of 1st floor)
  > 1.01A Drawers (sub of Kitchen) //This needs to be on level 2
  > 1.02 Kitchen fridge (sub of 1st floor)

Because if I place the 1.01A on level 3 so a sub-level of kitchen, it keeps the kitchen active.

Hi Tim,

I just explained the difference between the sub-zone and side-by-side zones activation mechanism; It’s up to you if you want a (sub)zone to activate the ‘master’ zone or not, by picking the right location in the zone tree :wink:

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