A lot of 'isFailedNode' errors cause Homey Pro to go offline

Hi there,

Since a few days my Homey Pro is experiencing a very heavy load, which causes the system to go offline for 5-10 minutes. This happens several times per day. I have enabled the logs and I see many errors saying;

Command[9759] end: isFailedNode

I see one topic of a few years ago, which stated it was an issue that has been fixed by Athom so I guess this is not the same. I have checked all visible nodes and don’t see a node that has a problem. The errors don’t tell me which node it is.

Anyone that has an idea what it could be or how to check what the problem is?

We’re at about 20 moments per day that Homey goes offline for 5-10 minutes. Seems like the problems are accumulating. If anyone has a suggestion…

If you still use the original power supply for your Homey, try replacing it with something better (5V, 2A minimum).

It’s not that, unfortunately. That has been replaced a while ago. It’s the “isFailedNode” commands that are increasing by the hour and are overloading the system. Thanks for the suggestion.

Maybe interesting; the issue seems to have popped up after the Z-Wave network had to start at the top with numbers again. I have about 140 Z-Wave devices and since Homey for some reason skips numbers randomly it came to 230. The next device got number 6 (unused number) and I think the problems started then.

Have you contacted Athom’s support desk?

Yes, a week ago. Until now, no respons yet.

You should at least receive a confirmation and ticket number the same working day. Spam folder?

Sure, I got that one. And I have updated the ticket with new information. I meant that no one has replied yet, probably because of the holidays.

When it keeps quiet they don’t have an instant solution I’m afraid.

Well make really really sure your powersupply delivers 5V / 2A min.
Some seem to deliver 4 or even 3V after some time in use. This creates the weirdest problems as you can imagine.

There’s the zwave reset option, but I can imagine you don’t want to use that with 140 devices in use…

You can also try post your issue at the Homey channel @ Slack, Athom devs are somewhat active there

Thanks for the suggestions. You are right; a Z-Wave reset is definitely not preferred. :slight_smile: Most of them are hidden away.

I have changed the adapter for a new one yesterday, just to be sure. Unfortunately it didn’t make any difference. I had two of the new adapters, one for another Homey Pro.

Allright, I’ll try Slack. Maybe they’ll come up with something there. Thanks!

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