90 tiles = super slowed Android app

UPDATE: caused by latest version of Smart presence app 0.6.3

Hi, I reached 90 tiles (lately I added 4 Hue sensors) in my Android app and it suddendly got super unresponsive, super lagy when clicking tiles. I might be constrained by my old phone Redmi Note 4 but it has some RAM. When I choose to see only certain segment tiles (picker on top of screen) the response is as usual. When I see all tiles it gets lagy. Is that about app or my mobile? Thx

Samsung galaxy s10e, I’ve got 155 tiles and no slow down whatsoever.
What Homey version and mobile app version are you using?
Perhaps your Homey itself is too busy with something, that can cause slowdowns in the app as the app needs to wait for respons from Homey

Hm, there is some 20MB RAM ramp up. Need to try another devices where is the problem. Hue sensors were added yesterday. There was also Homey restart yesterday.

I have the same problem.

I’m not sure how long this have lasted. At least 4 days.

Don’t have a clue why this happens. No high cpu load, no high mem usage, no new devices added. Some minor flow changes, but checked also those that shouldn’t be the problem.

Homey version 4.2.0 (Homey Pro)
App version 6.0.3 (tested with two android devices and they both have same problem)

And have tried PtP, PnP, BnB and BMW nothing works :wink:

The cpu load seems to have increased about half 4-5 days ago for some reason

Same thing here. Have you installed any beta/test apps lately?

Actually yes, the smart presence app four days ago. But the app cpu usage doesn’t seem any high load (as far as you can see from the cumulative cpu load)

Same thing here, installed the smart presence test app, and all slowed down…
Edit: Just tried to disable smart presence app, and the lag on the app is gone, weird
What do you think @balmli could it be the Smart presence app?

Same here. Deactivated the smart presence app and the operation is smooth again.

Can you try v. 0.7.1?

Or change normal mode interval to 5000 ms, and stressmode to 2500 ms.

Allright guys Smart presence app is the reason after last update. I will rename the topic. Thanks for letting all know.

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I’m using the 0.7.1. Will try to change the settings

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The 15000ms normal and 10000ms stress mode seems to work. Laggin still but usable

15 000 ms -> just 4 times per minute…

@peltsi51 How many Smart Presence device do you have, and what Homey version ?

I have 3 devices on Homey 4.2.0

Is it a Homey Pro or standard?

4 devices
Homey Pro 4.2.0
Smart presence app 0.7.1

Seems strange because like you said its only 4 times per minute. But when I deactivate the smart presence app there is significant difference in “smoothness” of the android app operation.

Can you test v. 0.7.2 ?

Not slow on a Homey std early 2018, with 5 smart presence devices and 1500 ms check intervals

Seems like 0.7.2 is quick and responsive! Wow, you are quick, thanks!

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