90 tiles = super slowed Android app

What settings are you using? Mine is still slow with normal check interval 3000ms and 1500ms for stress mode.

The same problem both with ANDROID and IOS APP, I’ve unistalled the app and now it seems that homey apps are smooth again.
I’d suggest Atom to check carefully app before make them public. I though it was an homey issue due to my many devices and flows and I was getting very annoyed, but it seems it was due smart presence app. Many thanks to all!!

U could also say the developer of this app nailed the issue within a couple of days, kudos for that!


Mine is standard Homey.

Sorry, but I don’t understand your comment, I unistalled the app today September the 5ty. The problem was still there. Anyhow good to know that he is working on it and thanks for that!

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Try to install the test version of the app. See the post above about the version 0.7.2

Hi @balmli I installed 0.7.2 aand it got much better but still I feel big difference in app response when Smartpresence is enabled vs disabled.

hi @Daniel_S Thank you for your patience!

Yes, I think 0.7.2 is better, but understand that it is not 100% good for some users.

I’m investigating and have asked some people for help :slight_smile: Hopefully we’ll find a solution

Don’t think Athom has that capacity, I’m afraid …

I hope you are running v.0.7.4 now. This version should have better performance.