502 Bad Gateway in Insights

Hi all!

I’m getting a HTTP 502 Bad Gateway message when I try to add a metric to a graph in Insights. Any clue to why and how to fix it?

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Oh, I forgot to add:

I’m using the Homey Bridge hardware, the Homey Beta service and using the app version

Wait for Athom to fix it (after telling them about it: support@athom.com)

Same for me. A standard Xiaomi Tempsensor.

It recently came up as an issue on the Beta Status page but disappeared a day ago or so and now it only says “Homey Insights might not show the latest value”. So I was happy that it seemed like they had fixed it but still, it produces the same error message for me.

Technically it is kind of an accurate description, but get you. Keep them mails going to Athom!