433mhz not responding after update to 6.0

My Homey has last night updated to 6.0 and now all my 433mhz devices have stopped working!
I have done the following without any success:

  • restarted homey many times
  • restarted nexa app and klickandklickuit
  • tried pairing again

What has happened and has this happened to anybody else?!

This is imo not related to the v6.0.0 update but due to the restart. Same happened on v5 versions for others sometimes.
Patience and try switching an KAKU or Nexa wit a remote once or twice. Often Homey 433 then works again.
If that didn’t work try a PtP.

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Thanks. Tried as you said with a remote and it works now :slight_smile:

It was reported here also