433mhz Nexa dont work after 6.0 update (Solved)


Since the update this night to 6.0 my units with Nexa 433mhz do not any longer work (none of the units).
They are still in homey as units but do not turn on when toggled.

anyone else with same problem and any solutions?
Can I back to previous firmware on homey?


Take Homey off power for at least 10 minutes. And no, you cannot to back to a previous firmware.

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Seems a bit like kaku devices.
They come back to life using a kaku remote and turning stuff on/off for a while.
It’s also been reported it came back to life again on it’s own after a few hours…
Hope this is of any use.

I was away all day yesterday. But unplugged Homey for 30min when I came home and all came back again after restarting.

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