3 failed Aqara motion sensors failing after Homey 2.5.2 update?

Suddenly 3 of my motion sensor’s stopped working last 3 day’s. (Xiaomi Aqara motion detector) Also the brightness detection stays the same. About the same time Homey is updated to 2.5.2 Coincidence?

Restarting the Aqara app didn’t help, restarting Homey either. Someone any idea how to solve this? It can’t be the sensor malfunctioning. 3 failed sensors at the same time is highly unlikely. Other (same type) sensors work fine. I rather not delete and re-add them, then I have to fix lots of flows.

Pushed the button once of your motion sensors??

And what its say on the devolpers page ?

And by reset you meam a real PTP?

Pushed the button once of your motion sensors??

No change

And what its say on the developers page ?

You mean on the github? One user with a similar experience:

But no reply yet (I’ve mentioned my situation also)

And by reset you mean a real PTP?

I don’t know what PTP means? I reset it by going to the app in the settings and use the “Restart app” option. I also reset homey trough the general settings and chose the “restart homey” option (translation might be a bit different)

PTP <<Link,click

So you did a few seconds search before typing the response RIGHT :thinking:

I honestly googled PTP, but the therm seem so generic… According to wiki:

And these are only the computing related references and none of them mentioned “Pull The Plug” :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I’ve pushed one sensor so long that it went in pairing mode and it “Disabled” itself on the devices page. After removing it completely (eventually, I got some “Status.could_not_find_zigbee_shepherd_device” error, but I could resolve this issue) I also removed the other malfunctioning sensors and paired them again. I fixed all the flows and all seems to be working again. So, sadly I can’t test the PTP reset if that might work also because it already works again.

Well and why didn`t you search here on the forum ?

Of course, I should have done that. :wink: I alway’s use the lazy method: if I don’t understand a word I always right click the word and “search with google”.

Anyhow, it’s “fixed” for now. But it’s still annoying this happened and the reason why this happened is still unclear. Hope the developer on Github can pinpoint the exact reason. To remove and add all failed devices and fix all flows that use them after a firmware update is a bit of a hassle.

I have the exact same problem with a lot of my Aqara motion sensors. Sometimes the sensor won’t react and sometimes it does. I have tried to remove some sensors and add them again but it’s still the same. Sometimes it help to push the button och sometimes it won’t and then I have to remove the sensor and add it again. Have all my sensors problem or is it the app or homey?
PTP for 20min won’t fix it…

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Ive had again the problem with stuck sensors. Also two “Door and Window Sensors” failed to update any more. The PTP (Pull the plug) did the trick to reconnect these devices for me this time. Hope this problem can resolve soon.

I have this issue right now…
I used to just press the button on the side and all the sensors would start working again, but yesterday my internet cut out and now all of my motion sensors don’t report anything. Tried deleting them to add back in, but I can’t even add them back to homey no more…

Hi everybody. Got the same problem. Did anybody find a solution ?