2 specific persons out of 4 leave the house: activate security camera's


We have 4 persons in the family, but when person A and B are not at home the camera’s should be activated. When either person A or B arrives at home then the camera’s must de deactivated.

I deployed below flow, but as I am quite new and still exploring, could you please validate or this makes sense or is absolute nonsense…


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Looks really complicated to me, but I don’t use the Smart Presence App for presence detection, so I don’t know what is possible und what isn’t possible.
Does it really matter if a flow is nonsense oder make sense? The important thing is, that the flow work as it should. And because you are using the Smart Presence app it’s really easy to check the flow if it works like it should. Just turn the WiFi connection from your smartphones off.
With building more and more flows you will learn more and more and maybe optimize some older flows.

This is my suggestion based on the build-in presence function:


Hi Fantross,

Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated! I changed the logic according your suggestion.
Works perfectly.