"The last person left home" not triggered

So I have almost all my presence configuration working now!
I am a single household and I want a certain flow to start when EVERYONE has left the household - so that should in fact mean just myself.

Expectations: When I (Nick) leave home everyone should be considered as away, so a flow that is triggered by “Presence - The last person left home” should be activated.

However. This flow is never triggered unless I trigger it manually.

What is wrong?

Flow looks like this:


  • Presence - The last person left home


  • (blank)


  • Flow - Start: Everyone is away
  • Notifications - Last person left home

What is wrong here?

Since I am the only one in the household I have just replaced the trigger card with “Presence - Nick leaves the house” for now, but obviously that is a workaround and I want it to work as intended.

For testing purposes, I deactivated my girlfriend’s account.
I can reproduce the problem you describe.
The most useful thing is probably to report this bug to Athom.


I will soon add support for guests as well, so that is why I need it to be scalable this time.

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Thanks for helping me troubleshoot. Then I know this is not just me. I have sent a message to Athom on Facebook. Not sure where else you report bugs?


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Thanks! I also discovered that they are actually monitoring the Feedback function in the web app since I posted another issue there yesterday about a confirmation that was triggered everytime you tried to navigate from one flow to another asking you “Are you sure you want to leave any unsaved changes?” despite you hadnt done any changes.

Today I got an email back from them saying they had fixed the issue. So I reported this issue there as well.

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You say you disabled your girlfrieds account? I didn’t know there was such a thing, but most likely Homey thinks she’s still with you. So kiss and make up :wink: or maybe re-enable her account, set her to away, and disable again?

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I have the same issue. I deactivated my brothers guest account after he stayed a few weeks, but The last person left home trigger is not kicking in. I deleted his account and now everything works well.