Trigger: The last person wakes up

Hello everyone and thank you Athom for this amazing product. I have a pretty simple and straightforward ask/proposal: Would it be possible to add a trigger under “Presence” for “The last person woke up”?

Use case: I have a rolling curtain in our bedroom that I want to open when the last person wakes up.

Currently I can solve this with “User A (me) woke up” in combination with “User B (my wife) is not sleeping” and then a duplicate for the other way around since there are only two of us. But it feels very hacky and would be cleaner with a “The last person woke up”.

Fingers crossed!

visit this site to figure out how to request a feature since Athom doesn’t actively monitor this forum

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You can do it like this.
This will work like the last person woke up


That’s true, thank you!

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