Users - Possible to see who turned on the light, or open the door?

In Homey i have different users. But can i somehow see who turned on the light or open the door?

No, this functionallity would be nice to have but is currently not available.
You’d could file an feature request. More details here:

Natively: no but you can create this with some flows. For example duplicate the current flow and create conditions based on user.

I mean more things that don’t require a flow, just simple things as a Z-wave light or door. In the log i can see that it went on/off at certain time, but now who invoked this.

Like when there is 5 peeps living in 1 household and u wanna check later which one pushed that light button??


Put 5 switches next to each other and give them all a different color. Then attach a flow to each color and tell everyone to just use their own color.
But seriously, how would u have this in mind?

Install a fingerprint recognition switch…?

Not quite sure how that would even be possible without flows. It would have to be activated through a device tied to a user, how else would your system decide who pressed the button? No way to know who opened the door or pressed the button.

Physical buttons do bring the reliability of a perfect closed solution down.
So I’d say this is not possible without eliminating all physical buttons…

Is this a serious question? Sorry that i say it this way but how should homey now who open a door or push a button? It looks impossible to me. When there is one person in the house, oke… but when there are multiple people in the house??

Well, it should be quite simple and something that would come. Because i’m a user, and when i push on the light in the morning, that would generate something?

Impossible without AI… unless you use some kind of Bluetooth proximity app on all devices and the one closest to the button is assumed to have pressed it… but this requires you to carry the BT with you at all times. Maybe make it an implant in your arm?

If you use the Homey App to control the light, than yes.

If you use the wall switch, no.

Sorry, i ofcourse ment in Homey.

Then it currently is NOT possible, at least not that I am aware off… The only way I can think of is creating a flow for every light, for every user. That way you add a log to every time the flow is started. But I assume that is not what you are looking for.

Out of curiosity, what are you trying to achieve? Because, there might be another road leading to Rome?