Please add "someone is sleeping at home" and "someone is awake at home" states

Currently the states At Home/Away and Awake/Asleep are already available separately, but you’ll have to find out for yourself if someone is at a different location, either travelling or a place with another Homey.

A state “someone is awake at home” helps to keep the Living Room ‘alive’ when for instance your partner goes to sleep. The state “someone is sleeping at home” helps for instance to bring the bedroom in a ‘slumber’ state already when not everyone is asleep yet.

You can indeed make these states yourself with flows, what I did right now, but that gets cumbersome real quick with more members.

Can’t you get the same results with “Someone goes to sleep” and “The last person goes to sleep”?

Unfortunately not.

“Someone is going to sleep” is triggered whether that person is at home or not. It is not a “Someone is going to sleep in this house”. So if one of us is travelling and sleeps in a hotel, “someone is going to sleep” is still triggered when her account is marked as ‘Asleep’. “The last person goes to sleep”-event is not triggered if a traveller’s account is not marked Asleep. I would like Homey to automate processes in a house based on who’s actually there, not everyone who has an account.

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