Missing "everybody is asleep" condition


I’ve a card on the “and” column for “nobody is asleep”
But I don’t have a card everybody is asleep
And I would like to use it for an alarm.

I think I can reacte something myself by setting a variable on the last person is asleep event. But I think there must be a better/build in method.

Pick the “nobody is asleep” and card, and click the “invert” checkbox inside the card.

This results in anyone is asleep.

Hmm, you are right, then I guess that is a feature request, and until then, just add all your members with “someone specific is asleep” in the AND column, just a little bit cumbersome if you have a lot of members though.


In Dutch it’s also iedereen (everyone) so probably it works!

I had the same requirement and I only wanted to consider people who are currently at home. So I wrote the following script. Just copy paste it onto HomeyScript and you can use it. You cannot trigger a flow on this script, but if you trigger on “someone goes to sleep” and then run this, you get the same result.

// returns true if everyone who is at home, is asleep
let allUsers = await Homey.users.getUsers();
let result = true;
_.forEach(allUsers, user => {
if(user.present == true && user.asleep == false){
//there is someone at home who is awake
result = false;
return result;

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Tested it. It doesn’t. But it quite simple to check if everybody is asleep with the card ‘a specific person is asleep’ and ad al family members in the and section

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